Phone Log Privacy Policy



Phone Log stores personal information about your phone calls locally on your device and the phone log information is backed up with other device data through iTunes using the backup procedures provided by Apple (R) for Apple devices. This enables you to upgrade or reinstall Phone Log without losing your record of events. The Phone Log App does not otherwise collect any personal information. Since the App works in conjunction with Apples Calendar Application, the Apple privacy policy applies to this app. See Apple Privacy Policy. Once events are deleted from the Calendar and from Phone Log no event information is stored. Deleted events cannot be retrieved. 

Because phone log records your location when you create a new event or receive a phone call, be careful with sharing calendars. Shared Calendars can be an interesting use of Phone Log to share events with friends and family as they happen. However shared calendars will also let anyone with whom you are sharing the calendar see your location when an event is created or even when a phone call is made or received.

Phone Log does not acquire or store any information regarding your purchase or use of Phone Log. This information is stored by Apple through the iTunes Store again see the Apple Privacy Policy.

Should you have any comments, concerns or questions regarding the Phone Log Privacy Policy please send an email to